Twinkle Little Star Diamond Pave 925 Silver Chain Necklace


Diamond Pave Star Charm on delicate black 925 silver chain necklace

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Twinkle Little Star Diamond Pave Charm 925 Silver Chain Necklace


Twinkle, twinkle little star…

Every little girl loves the lullaby. As soon as she closes her sleepy eyes magic happens: she is a princess, dancing in the sky surrounded by millions of shining little stars. She smiles at them and they smile back… But what if she wakes up and one of them is still twinkling on her neck?!…


For this necklace I used one very pretty diamond pave star charm, which is made in India. It is sterling silver encrusted with tiny natural diamonds. They sparkle under any light and make it look alive. I placed it on a very delicate black oxidized sterling silver chain.

The necklace measures 16″ long with a 3″ extension chain for more comfortable fit. 

A sparky necklace like this one is perfect for all ages and great for layering / stacking. You you can wear it every day, or use it as a great evening jewelry. 

If you are looking for a great gift for someone special or perfect addition to your jewelry collection, this is it.

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