*Pupludeva* 14k GF Wire Wrapped Pendant with Ametrine, Sapphires, Amethyst and Tourmalines


*Pulpudeva* Pendant with Color changing purple Ametrine teal green Amethyst pink Tourmaline and fine Sapphire gemstone beads  14k GF wire wrapped

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*Pulpudeva* Pendant – beautiful Color changing purple Ametrine, teal green Amethyst teardrop, pink Tourmaline and fine lavender Sapphire gemstone beads wire wrapped with 14k gold filled wire

The focal color changing ametrine and the fine microfaceted green amethyst are Lab created in Brazil. They are gem quality quartz. The rest of the stones are all natural.

Pulpudeva is one of the the ancient names of my home town Plovdiv in Bulgaria, which according to the latest archaeology discovery is built over the oldest town in Europe.

I wanted to create a jewelry piece, that is Regal and any Czar’s wife would wear, jewelry that has rich colors, sparkling and that carries my heart …
I would like to believe I achieved it. 🙂

The focal gems are ‘dressed’ up with stunning very fine hard to find lavender full faceted drops of genuine Sapphires

2.5″ long measured with the bail

This is a wonderful piece that will make a great gift for someone you love of a perfect addition to your unique jewelry collection.

FYI: What is Gold Filled: Gold Filled is a semi- precious metal designed to perform like 14K gold. The exacting process used to produce this metal is done by the precision positioning of a solid layer of 14K gold bonded to a base metal through heat and pressure. This solid layer of 14K Gold is 500 times thicker than electroplated products. Unlike electroplated or fashion jewelry, which tarnishes, Gold Filled enhances the user experience because it is actual gold that is in contact with the skin. Like all precious jewelry, it should be cleaned regularly with a jewelry cleaner specifically formulated for fine Gold Filled jewelry. Regular cleaning will insure its natural brilliance and luster for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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