• carved aquamarne money toad necklace
  • carved aquamarne money toad necklace

Lucky Money Toad Aquamarine Handmade 925 Silver Necklace


Carved Blue Aquamarine Money Toad Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

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Lucky Money Toad Aquamarine Handmade 925 Silver Necklace

   Here is one very pretty necklace: carved blue Aqiamarine and sparkly Garnet gemstones handmade pendant on a 925 silver rolo chain necklace.

The chain is 18” long with extension for more comfortable fit.

I was mesmerized by the carved aquamarine and  was able to find some interesting information for you.

   According to Feng Shui – the ancient teaching about the flow of energy, this odd-looking creature known as Jin Chan, or the Golden Toad, or the Money Frog brings good fortune if left inside the house.

The story about the Money Frog is told by a Chinese legend. Apparently, one day the Daoist God Liu Hai, who was very kind and respectful person, encountered an injured fox. Liu Hai wanted to save the fox and transformed it into a beautiful girl. To repay him for the goodhe did, she wanted to help him become a god. In order to do this, they needed to trick a frog into a well, so that the pair could ascend together. The trick was successful and Liu Hai was able to use the frog’s power to become a god. This frog is supposed to be the Jin Chan.

Nowadays the Money Toad is used widely to bring luck and good fortune. 

   This is a wonderful piece of jewelry that will make a great gift for someone you love of a perfect addition to your unique jewelry collection.

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