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*Just One Breath* Fine Blue Peruvian Opal Sterling Silver Handmade Necklace


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Why Handmade? – Because nobody deserves boring jewelry.

VNV Design is a brand I created after long years of learning and experimenting with precious metals and gemstones.
My pieces are OOAK (one-of-a-kind), because each gemstone is hand-picked and it dictates the design.
We all want jewelry that stands out, that represents who we are in a artistic way, that tells a story or inspires you. When gift giving we show out love, our good taste and we always want it to be very personal and unique.
I will be happy if my jewelry provides you with all that.


“Just One Breath”- Fine Blue Peruvian Opal and Blue Sapphires Handmade Sterling Silver Necklace, OOAK, Inspirational Jewelry

I got my hands on 3 amazing fine Blue Peruvian Opal Stones and wanted to create a piece of jewelry that will showcase the natural beauty and inspire at the same time. We live in a busy world, often firgeting to slow down and enjoy life… The slogan hammered in the back reminds us: What if you have Just One Breath left?… What would you do?…Where would you go?…Who would you call?..
***Fun Fact: Originally I thought this necklace will be called Just Breathe. It made sence since the stone looks like a picture of the beautiful day. To my embarrassment, after I finished it and all the stones were set, my niece noticed I misspelled the word breathe and hammered “Breath” … There was no space to add an E, so I had to solve the problem somehow. Engraving “ONE” made all the difference!!! It gave my piece a whole new light – made it much deeper, more meaningful.

The pendant measures: 30x25mm measured without the bail

Necklace length: 18” long with a 3″ extension chain for more comfortable fit

This is a wonderful piece that will make a great gift for someone you love of a perfect addition to your unique jewelry collection.

All my orders ship within 24 hours from the payment receipt in a gift box.


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