• field of poppies pendant
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  • field of poppies pendant
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Field Of Poppies Pendant with Poppy Jasper Set In Sterling Silver


Poppy Jasper 925 Silver Handmade Pendant

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**In the Magical Land Of Oz there was a Filed of Poppies. It was well known that when together, these fabulous bright flowers were deadly – their strong fragrance made everyone that breathed into them fall asleep forever… The deadly field of beautiful flowers was an obstacle on the group’s way to the Wizard. When Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion dropped into deep slumber caused by the cursed red Poppies, it was their friends who saved them.**

This magical story was the inspiration behind my “Filed Of Poppies” Pendant.

We all have obstacles (some very attractive) in our lives and most of the times it is a good friend that can pull us out.

To create this lovely piece I used a teardrop Poppy Jasper cabochon and I set it in sterling silver. On the back I etched a hand drawn poppy buds and flowers.

Measures 2.5 x 1.5″

This wonderful handcrafted pendant is a great gift for any unique jewelry lover.

Ready to ship within 24 hrs from the order placement.

Please, message me if you have any questions.


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