• Baltic Amber Bracelet
  • Baltic Amber Bracelet

Cognac Baltic Amber Beaded Bracelet handmade


Healing Baltic Amber Beaded Bracelet

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Rich Cognac color Baltic Amber almost round beaded handmade bracelet with sterling silver toggle clasp

It is 7.5 – 8.5″ long, but it feels like size 7-8 because of the large beads’ size ( from 10 – 14 mm)


There are so many Myths surrounding this precious gemstone:

Amber is believed to be formed by the Rays of the setting Sun.

Northern myth call Amber – The Tears of Freyja – Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Ancient Greeks thought that these are the sweat drops from the Sun, when it touches the waves. Some writers depict Amber as tears from the Gods and Heroes on different quests.


Natural Baltic Amber has is unlike any other amber in the world . It has been used to heal pain from early ages: Amber contains succinic acid which acts as a pain reliever when the stone touches the skin. It also improves the heart rhythm and the function of the Thyroid gland.


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