How you helped VNV Design become a reality

   “Jewelry has always been very personal. It is usually connected to a story or a memory close to your heart. It can be comforting, empowering and can make you feel as amazing as you really are.”

    – Villy Stojanova
    VNV Design CEO

   My name is Villy, born and raised in one of the oldest Cities in Europe – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I moved to Chicago area over 25 years ago, where I currently live with my husband and my cats. I have two amazing sons who know how to push and motivate me. (Lol)

I’ve loved jewelry all my life,

but very often…

I would come across beautiful piece that needs some of adjustments – either the length, or the color combination, or something else. One day I broke a favorite necklace and decided to try and fix it and make those corrections myself: grabbed some books, bought some tools and did it.
It wasn’t easy, but I was enjoying it a lot. I re-did all my jewelry I wasn’t completely happy about.
It turned out…
When my friends saw my work they asked me to help them with theirs and later suggested I should start making and selling jewelry. This is how VNV Design was born.

I spend a lot of time observing the beauty around me: there is no better source of ideas, shapes and colors than Nature.

Each piece of my jewelry is a tiny attempt to capture it with the help of natural gemstones, precious metals and my love.

The best part is…

I want my customers to know that by purchasing from my store they are getting 100% authentic artisan handmade piece of jewelry that will be a great gift for someone special, or a fabulous addition to their jewelry collection

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